ASML in step with the Dutch Lung Foundation - Longfonds

Get into your stride for a good cause
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Wij hebben samen al 11.488 km afgelegd

Corona has proven to us all that having healthy lungs is vital. Our goal, as a team, is to go out for a daily stroll and by doing so earning a donation for the Dutch Lung Foundation - Longfonds. The funds we will raise together will not only improve our own well-being, but will have the added benefit of being able to support the Longfonds to carry on the important work they're doing with regard to working on cures for all manner of lung diseases.

Breng deze pagina extra onder de aandacht met een gave poster. Je kunt zelf de tekst bepalen en de poster vervolgens printen en overal ophangen. Iedereen kan een poster maken van deze pagina, dus ook vrienden, familie, collega's, de mensen uit je sportteam of klasgenoten. Hang de poster op in de supermarkt, bij winkels achter het raam, bij bedrijven of op school. Als je het vriendelijk vraagt en uitlegt waarvoor het is, dan is het ophangen van een poster vaak geen probleem.

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We've reached the finish line!

04-06-2021 | 16:53   Dear fellow team mates,  We've made it! Congratulations to all of you for teaming up together in achieving an impressive amount of kilometers:7.693 kilometers in total!  And, really the first hint of Spring that at first seemed so promising with lovely, warming rays of sun, and a light gentle breeze, had something else in store for us.... Lots of rain and indeed quite some chilly winds. However, you stuck to your guns, so to speak, and managed to really soldier on, continuing to add km's to our total score. And, not only did we manage to continually drive our walking accomplishments up, we also managed to increase the amount of donations we received. Stefan Jongen, a special thank you to you, not only for your dedication in amassing donations, (even today I see that there are still donations being made).You surpassed 2 of the goals you had set for yourself:You set your target for donations at 500, -Euros and managed to raise 510,- Euros.But I'd also like to draw special attention to the fact that you set the bar twice as high for yourself in this walking challenge. You set out to walk the double amount of steps every day. This resulted in you surpassing the high goal you had already set for yourself: your total goal was to walk 250 km and you walked 312 kms.    To all of you other colleagues who’s name I now fail to mention: thank you for getting out there, for your commitment to this good cause. I hope you enjoyed getting outdoors and I hope you will keep on doing so. I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank my colleagues Zjoske and Carlijn for helping me in setting this challenge up within ASML.        We hope to be able to hand over a cheque to the Dutch Lung Foundation shortly; we'll keep you posted. Wishing you all the best!Judith Dutour Geerling
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