Clean Air For Everyone - Farewell Lia van de Vorle

Esmée van de Vorle
van totaal € 5.000 (20%)

Lia was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time in 2008. After a successful treatment she vividly continued her life. Ten years later, February 2018, the cancer returned in metastatic form. Lia was fighting time ever since. The life expectancy was one to two years. Fierce as she was, she amazed the doctors with her resilience. Lia has never allowed the cancer to dominate her life.

Lia always got her strength in life from her family, her work and positive faith. The sword of Damocles ruled her life, but Lia herself chose her time to go, when she was ready to put down the fight. On May 12th, 2022 Lia peacefully passed away in her home in Gassel, in presence of her loved ones.

Lia had a talent for connecting with people in a special way. Throughout her journey she established strong friendships and brought inspiring innovate ideas into the world, from which IMG Europe, Wijnroemer Relief Goods and ENS Clean Air still derive their success. As a true visionary – with technical knowhow – Lia focused on a healthy and safe living environment for current and future generations worldwide. To honor her life’s work and join her mission, we are raising money for “Longfonds”, to emphasize Clean Air for Everyone!

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