BNP Paribas runs for a cure against asthma

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BNP Paribas employees and friends participate in the Dam tot Damloop  on Sunday 22 September to sponsor an important project of the Dutch Lung Foundation: the research of the exact causes of asthma to be able to cure kids with the illness. 

Making a difference

This year the BNP Paribas team will be running 10 English miles for the Dam tot Damloop knowing that this is only possible because of their healthy working lungs. However, there are many children who do not get the same kind of opportunity, because of asthma. We would like to contribute to a future where children can live a normal life without an illness holding them back everyday. Therefore this research project needs your support!


Support asthma patients today and contribute to a future where healthy lungs are not just a wish, but a reality.

Children with asthma

Each year thousands of kids end up in hospital with bad breathing problems because of asthma. Most of these children have trouble participating in sports or other daily activities that require an optimal functioning of the lungs. Also having pets becomes nearly impossible, since in many cases asthma persists in combination with other allergic reactions. Overall asthma is restraining to a child’s day-to-day life.

Sherano (10) often has severe asthma attacks, so severe that he often ends up in the intensive care unit. He has been hospitalized more than 20 times. Sherano: 'Sometimes my lungs don’t do so well. I think that's stupid, because then I have to go to the hospital. And they have to give me an injection and that scares me.’

Could there be a cure to prevent children from developing asthma?

Research to cure asthma Researchers from Groningen, Utrecht and Gent are looking for an answer to this question. With the newfound knowledge that the epithelium of kids with asthma differs from that of kids who do not possess the illness, they could develop a new medicine to prevent the occurrence of asthma. Watch the video (in Dutch).

 Want to know more?

Longfonds page on the project (in Dutch)
Information on Asthma (in Dutch)
Information on Asthma (in English)

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